Types of Fines

  • In Victoria, you can be issued an infringement notice, which is a notice to pay a fine amount, for a breach of road or transport rules.

    You may be issued a fine by agencies for breaches as follows:

    Types of Fines in Victoria

    Victoria Police

    If you are caught breaking road rules such as

    • exceeding the speed limit
    • disobeying traffic light signals
    • mobile phone offences
    • driving unregistered
    • failing to give way

    you may receive a traffic infringement notice. Some traffic offences incur a monetary fine as well as demerit points.

    Tolling agencies – Citylink /Eastlink

    If you are driving on a tollway and fail to pay the tolls or are driving an unregistered vehicle on a toll zone, you may receive an invoice or an infringement notice.

    Department of Transport

    Failure to observe the rules whilst travelling on public transport, including:

    • travelling without a valid ticket
    • travelling on a concession ticket without a being eligible for concession
    • behavioural offences such as feet on seats

    will incur a fine.

    Local Councils and Authorised Agencies

    Parking infringements are issued mainly by local councils but can also be given by other authorised agencies. You should check the infringement notice to see where the notice is from.


If your fines have accumulated into the thousands and you find yourself unable to pay, talk to us about how we can help.

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