Tollway Infringements over $100,000

Our client was a university student who purchased a van and allowed the use of it by an associate. The associate undertook delivery work and gave our client a daily rate for using the van. No agreement was made regarding the tolls, which did not ever cross our clients mind as he has never had to rely on tolls on a daily basis.

As a result, the client incurs a significant amount of fines for using the toll way without a pass. Client did not receive the infringements as he had moved share houses 6 times. He had not updated VicRoads of his address as he did not have a stable address during that time.

In not receiving the infringements, our client did not have an opportunity to act in relation to them and so administration costs were incurred and started to add up.

By the time client attended at our office, the infringements totalled over $110,000.

Our client did not fall within the specified categories in relation to homelessness, drug/alcohol addiction or financial hardship. However, based on the submissions made, His Honour found that special circumstances did exist.

Our client received a 60% reduction and was placed on a manageable payment plan. This is a very good result; should the fine amount remained at the original amount of over $110,000, our client would have been facing in excess of 300 days imprisonment had he defaulted on the payment plan arranged.

If your fines have accumulated into the thousands and you find yourself unable to pay, talk to us about how we can help.

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