Discharging Four-Fifths of Traffic Infringements

This is a case that involves successfully discharging four-fifths of traffic infringements.

Our client was a young tradie who had started his own plumbing company. He initially started on his own however he obtained more work than he could manage and so he hired apprentices to assist with the work. He obtained further work vans so that he could send his employees out to jobs on their own and then he could just go to each site throughout the day to check on the work as well as do some of the jobs himself.

The vans were fitted with e-tags. As he was not driving them for the most part, he wasn’t aware that his account was in the negative as he hadn’t heard the beeping e-tag. He then obtained work in regional Victoria which meant that for a significant period of time, he wasn’t checking his letterbox.

During the time that he ran his business, he did all of his own book work which he had fallen significantly behind on. His main client, a builder, had lost a major contract and as a result was $60,000 behind in paying our client for jobs which he had already completed. Before he knew it, his company had accumulated over $20,000 in infringements which he did not have the capacity to pay. The fines were accruing penalty fees whilst he wasn’t available to check his mail.

Dee Giannopoulos represented the client at the Moorabbin Justice Centre.

Medical evidence was tendered to the court attesting to the stress our client had found himself suffering as a result of his financial situation.

When our client first came to us, we advised him of the importance of rectifying his e-tag account and ensuring that it was not in the negative prior to the court hearing. When the time came for the hearing, we produced to the court 6 months worth of e-tag statements which were all paid up on time.

The court accepted that our client was someone who, but for the fact that he did not have a book keeper or anyone assisting him with his paperwork, would never have appeared before the court to begin with.

The court discharged four-fifths of our client’s traffic infringements. The initial $20,000 debt was reduced to $4,000 and our client was placed on a manageable payment plan.

If your fines have accumulated into the thousands and you find yourself unable to pay, talk to us about how we can help.

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