Citylink Infringements over $70,000 Warrant Issued

Our client was a 30-year-old female on Centrelink benefits with $70,000 worth of outstanding infringements that were at warrant stage. The infringements related to use of the citylink tolls without an e-tag.

The infringements were incurred over a period of 3 years however as the client had defaulted on a payment plan with civic compliance, the payment plan was cancelled and the infringements referred to the Sheriff’s office for warrant enforcement.

Upon defaulting on the initial fines, two thirds of the amount was added as administrative costs which saw the fines reach a total of $70,000 when they reached the court stage.

Solicitor Dee Giannopoulos made submissions on behalf of the client in relation to her mental health at the time the infringements were being incurred and the Magistrate was persuaded to discharge two thirds of the fines, meaning that $50,000 was waived.

If your fines have accumulated into the thousands and you find yourself unable to pay, talk to us about how we can help.

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